Liverpool will not break under intense transfer pressure – for now

Liverpool are more determined than ever to stand firm in the face of continuing pressure from Barcelona in their pursuit of Philippe Coutinho

Liverpool have no intention of selling Coutinho in January no matter the amount of money the Spanish giants offer, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Barcelona has previously offered £118 million but the Reds did not blink and in fact, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp maintained that no amount of money will persuade them to sell.

A lot will, of course, depend on the player himself, at the moment he is a model professional but how long will he maintain that if he is constantly denied his dream move, especially if the Reds continue to falter under the German.

Barcelona, as per usual, play their own game, they act in a certain way when they want a player, they do it more subtly not like Real Madrid who like to chase a player with as much publicity as possible, Barca instead undermine clubs with constant hints and utilisation of their own players via tweets and such like.

Liverpool know what is coming and are standing their ground early but how long that intransigence will last is anyone’s guess. © 2017 Frontier Theme