Man Utd target will not join the club if they fail to make the Champions League

In response to the recent rumour that Jose Mourinho will ask for Toni Kroos in exchange for David De Gea, should Real Madrid want the latter, a new report has emerged claiming that the only time such a deal would work is if Manchester United qualify for the Champions League.

Real Madrid will attempt to sign De Gea again this summer, but United wants to play hard ball and ask for cash and Toni Kroos as part of the deal. Mourinho is expecting Michael Carrick’s imminent departure to create a huge void in his midfield and believes Kroos can fill that up.

However, the German is not interested in moving to a club that does not play in the Champions League.
United still have a chance of ending in the top four this season, and their other option is to win the Europa League that they are currently contesting. The Red Devils have placed their hope on both options for them to make the tournament.

Real Madrid reportedly wants David De Gea to make an effort to force a move, but according to close friends and relatives, the Spaniard has no intention of doing that, because he would not want to anger the club’s supporters. © 2017 Frontier Theme