Manchester United legend talks about the importance of youth

When you think of great managers over the last 20/30 years, none can come close to that which former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson managed to achieve throughout a long illustrious career, and he has written in his new book ‘Leading’ on the importance of nurturing young homegrown talent, such as he achieved with the ‘class of 92 which included Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham and the Neville brothers amongst a host of other quality homegrown players that he worked with.

And Ferguson believes such behavior is vital for any manager who wants to maintain a high level of performance over a long period of time.

“One of the first things I did at Manchester United was to build a proper structure for the youth system.

“Every game requires 11 starting players and seven substitutes and our whole organisation was designed to produce them.

“I always wanted to know about what the pipeline of players looked like for the team we would like to select in three years’ time.

“It’s so much easier to produce a consistent level of high performance when you nourish youngsters, help them develop, provide a pathway to success.

“Youngsters can inject a fantastic spirit into an organisation and a youngster never forgets the person, or organisation, that gave them their first big chance.

“They will repay it with a loyalty that lasts a lifetime.”

Source Daily Mirror

It’s hard to argue with Sir Alex Ferguson, he certainly knows a thing or two about the game and his record and trophy haul over his 27 year reign at the Manchester club and the players he has had the chance to work with over that time is testament to that.


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