Mexican drug lord wanted to buy Chelsea it is being claimed

It is being reported in Spain that Mexican cartel boss Joaquin Guzman, nicknamed El Capo, wanted to buy Chelsea.

How that would of worked is hard to figure out, he could hardly have turned up for any of the Blues games, well, maybe in disguise as David Mellor.

Also, you have to wonder if the Chelsea fans would have wanted a drug dealer as the owner of their club, though some will say that they do not have snow white in charge now.

This is a crazy rumour and obviously untrue, it is madness to think that a fugitive could buy a high profile premier league club and makes you wonder if this has been put out there as a joke.

But, it is being reported and so here we are, we post what is being reported.

More realistic would have been Lionel Messi to sign for Oxford United. © 2017 Frontier Theme