Mourinho explains why brilliant last minute Chelsea deals were done

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho says loan deals for Romelu Lukaku and Victor Moses were done to help the players

Mourinho hopes the issue of ins and outs at Chelsea can now be put to bed, with the Blues happy with the make-up of their squad on the back of a busy window.

The Portuguese coach told Chelsea TV: “I think it’s time for everyone to stop talking about selling and buying players.

“There are always little things to do on the last day, people to leave. We have to think about the club, but we also have to think about what is best for the players individually.

“We decided Moses and Lukaku – two players we were more than happy to keep – that it’s better for the club and the future of the players if they go on loan.

“With Lukaku, we have Fernando (Torres), (Samuel) Eto’o and Demba (Ba). Of course he would get playing time, but it’s the choice of playing basically every weekend.

“He had lots of clubs and options, and we have to respect his decision.” (Sky Sports)

It was a good decision by Mourinho as both lads wouldn’t have got the game time that their talents deserved

6 comments to Mourinho explains why brilliant last minute Chelsea deals were done

  • Moses selfihsness flush him out of chelsea squad and went onloan to learn more. GOOD WORK JOSE

  • Macarthy

    Is Van Ginkel and De Bruyne better than Victor Moses ? Mourinho is just showing great signs of failure.

  • Lekan

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  • Dr is no reason 4u to loan moses.he is beta dan williams kelvin nd schrruel.daz nt an escux

  • Hu eva said dat moses is selfish is mad nd fulish.watbh hw liverpook uz hm to lift d epl

  • AY Emmanuel

    I think Mourinho shouldn’t have loan Lukaku again cos the guy just came back from loan and we all see his performances @ westbrom. I think D “special one” whould have keep him @ Chelsea for epl matches nd Champions league but has for Moses, I think it’s right decision Mourinho have made cos Moses need to learn more so as to boost his morale. Above all, kudos to sir Mourinho.