Mourinho plans to ditch two key men in £80 million Chelsea clear-out?

There has been some reports on the Daily Mirror website which have claimed Chelsea’s incoming boss Jose Mourinho is to get rid of a few key men, as they are seemingly not part of his plans.

Among those Mourinho believes are surplus to requirements are David Luiz – earmarked by Abramovich and the hierarchy as the new leader and symbol of the team – and Fernando Torres.

Torres scored just eight Premier League goals last season, Arsenal and Everton were the only top seven sides he found the net against and a number of senior players feel he has never been the he was in his pomp at Liverpool.

Yet it is also the case that he scored 21 competitive goals last season, including the opener in the Europa League Final. And that he was Abramovic’s £50million pet project. (Daily Mirror)

Although fans cannot wait to see the end of Torres, Luiz is a great player and should be part of the future at the club, But Mourinho knows what he likes and dis-likes and not many will question his judgement.

19 comments to Mourinho plans to ditch two key men in £80 million Chelsea clear-out?

  • djsav

    Mourinho has not offically been named manager, and there is talk from the stupid press about him selling a key member in our team. David Luiz is adored and loved by the fans, he has already been earmarked to be our future captain and the press are talking about him leaving Chelsea. We are not a selling club, do people forget who Roman Abromovich is. No one has said we have to sell to raise cash cash to buy players, Ron Gourley in fact said we will be adding about 3 to 4 players, there will be some outgoings but not to players who have signed new contracts, david Luiz only recently extended his contract till 2017. So i dont know were all this crap is coming from that we willbe cashing in on him. Why would Jose want to make Barca a better team by selling them David LUIZ, it does not make sense, personally if this crap journilasm than ROMAN should sue this paper that has reported this or the stupid reporter himself.

  • Mou shld let Chelsea be and concentrate on bringing in Marchisio,Rooney,Fellaini,Isco and Ginkel

  • Havilla!

    Cognizant of the belief that Mourinho is the special one & the fans’ favourite. Its also apparent that David Luiz played an integral role in our success in the just concluded season & its evident he’s still got it in him. Without questioning Mourinho’s motives, I belief he should reconsider keeping Luiz cos we the fans are crazy about him even though Fernando Torres can go as part payment for Cavani.

  • sergio

    Come on is there no body who is upset for david luiz leaving … I cannot imagine how we sacrifice him and to which team barcelona … cant u see that the best team in the world wanting him is an indication for any thing … it is a great loss and not only luiz but the return of mkurinho is a disaster and ditching every step we have taken to become an entertaining team … luiz is the first then oscar and hazard and the technical players will all be replaced by bulky players dont have any idea whether the ball is round or cubic

  • Lets us live this case of torres and fined something else to do pls.

  • Mourinho will never sell David Luiz.
    All though David is always attacking minded but he follow instructions from coaches.

  • Saintjno103

    Mourinho should not come if he must Sale Luiz

  • Cj

    Please mourinho should not sell david luiz..john terry is no more getting any younger…please we stil need luiz service.

  • If mourinho must sell de minister of defence,D Luiz den we dnt want mourinho at chelsea we prefer benitext dan him

  • bobosky

    Y sud mouriho wants to sell luiz.i hate dis kind of his behav.u add to d players but not see ppl lik luiz.he can sell toress,benayoun,ferrera,marko marin,

  • I was very suprise when i heard about luiz decision 2 liv chelsea.not yet 4 him nw is 2 early 2 liv chelsea nw we stl need u n our defence,mou shld no let him go any where we ar nt arsenal dat normaly sold there key player we ar nt a team dat ar selling key player lyk dat,baca shld nt compare arsenal wit chelsea bcus we ar nt makin dsame decision,luiz 4 all all na bad market.

  • wesley kalu

    please incoming boss, david luiz and ivanovic are both invaluable assets, i wonder why anyone would contemplate selling them giving their standards and the huge part they played in chelsea’s recent european success, this is ridiculously absurd

  • ceo okulaja

    jose please i believe in u don’t sale Luiz ooooo is among ur plan forget the support e have for benitez is only protecting him self wen Benitez is there and again jose Luiz we not go to any fucking Baca

  • Special one allow DL/BV to remain with the club new signing can come in this is english football it difficult to adapt

  • yardley

    oress is better than cavani because when toress was in the liverpool side he was same as cavani the playing style eill be different and cavani dosent have bpl experience so atleast toress got so he is setting in to chelsea style but cavani will be the first brick for roman s empire demolishement becuse 65 million pounds is stupidity and offerin toress is another thing it is better to rooney and hulk this pair will rule the league and please dont give mourinioh to purchase he is coming for 40 million pounds for christ skae that is the first brick roman abharamovic has builted for him self for demolishing

  • Cj

    Luiz and ivan…our key to defence,why want them sold..let this remain a rumour

  • rynd0n

    I hope the staff or mourinho himself hears us . Come on luiz has enjoyed many life in England . He will be LEGENDARY !

  • If mourinho would sell luiz then he should think of elswhere to coach. Luiz is our favourite

  • Luiz is not going anywhere talk more of Invanovic this remains a rumour,as for TORRES let him stay I know why,he’s still useful to the team,let’s just try and get two more strikers like Rooney&wilfred bony,ferrira,Benayoun,Romeu nd marin can I hope all these remains a rumour