He is probably one of the greatest Liverpool players that have ever played the game, and is surely one of England’s finest ever productions. But what happens when Steven Gerrard hangs up his boots? Well he wants to go into coaching, and I bet he well excel at that too.

The 32-year-old is keen to continue playing for the foreseeable future, but admits he will look into getting his coaching badges when he does quit international football.

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“I’m going to go into my coaching badges after my England days are over and when I’ve got the time,” Gerrard told the FA’s official website.

“When the international breaks are on, I’ll go and do my coaching badges and we’ll see where it goes.” (Sky Sports)

The Liverpool legend still has a few seasons in him yet and yes he is not the force he once was, but he still a great captain and leader on the pitch and will no doubt turn that into becoming a great manager after his playing days are once over.