No advantage for Tottenham over Man Utd claims Jan Vertonghen

Tottenham, on paper, have basically been given a home tie against Man Utd in the FA Cup semi-final, however, defender Jan Vertonghen disputes that is the case.

Tottenham have made Wembley a fortress after a poor start and only in January United were beaten 2-0 on their visit to the national stadium, Spurs did lose to Juventus last time out but that was only their second loss in all competition since the start of September, a period that has seen them rack up 17 wins, 3 draws and just 2 losses.

But all the advantages that come with playing at Wembley as a home team in the Premier League are lost in the FA Cup semi-final. For starters, both teams get equal ticket allocation and it is United that will have the choice of both the dressing room and which end their fans occupy and not Tottenham, a point also made by Vertonghen.

“We have 50/50 support in the semi-final, so there is nothing to complain about,” he said. “There is nothing to do with fair. Everyone agreed that will have to play at Wembley.”

Tottenham obviously know the pitch and the general atmosphere that comes with playing at Wembley and so to some degree they will have an advantage but with an equal ticket share, choice of dressing room and choice of stadium end for the fans United cannot moan too much. © 2017 Frontier Theme