No need for injured players to sit around doing nothing

One of the main complaints for footballers that are injured is that they have nothing to do with their down time.

But that should not be a complaint for them, there are fun things they could do, like playing the Xbox or going to the races, either horses or greyhounds, and having a little flutter, not something they can do on football itself.

They could however play the slots at some online casino’s, it is not like they do not have much choice, there is a List of sites offering Double Bubble slots that can be checked out as an example.

They could also do some charity work, why not? Kids love to see their heroes, especially sick children in hospital.

They could do some TV work, like many a retired player does, so why not current players that are injured.

Former players do tons of TV work, why not injured players as well

Boredom is sometimes a choice, if you are a rich young man with time on your hands and a sensible head on your shoulders, there are many many things that they can do.

Of course, they need to do some fitness work as part of their rehabilitation, but why not do some extra training, top players can never get enough training, Ronaldo is a classic example of that, by all accounts he works his socks off to maintain his position at the top of the game.

At the end of the day, injured players have a choice, they can either sit around and feel sorry for themselves or they can get off their backsides and do something constructive with their down time, it really is not rocket science.


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