Should Liverpool have any regrets in selling Shelvy to Swansea?

A questioned asked many a time in regards to a former player is whether or not the club should’ve allowed that player to leave the club when he did, and as such it’s not a strange question then to pose in regards to former Liverpool midfielder Jon Jo Shelvy, who left the Anfield club in 2013 and moved to Swansea where he has become a constant first choice player and following his full England national team debut against San Marino on Saturday – it has raised the question of whether or not he would be the player that he is now, if he’d of stayed with Liverpool and not gone over into South Wales where he has flourished into a fine midfielder.

Shelvey went through with the move because he, and the whole footballing world, knew that he needed to be playing regular football in order to develop as he desired—it’s the reason Rodgers allowed the then-21-year-old to make the decision on whether to stay or go.

Let’s not forget that Shelvey had started just three matches in the second half of his last season at Anfield and in total was an unused substitute (17 times) almost as many times as he actually played from the start (18 times) that season, per

At the time, Shelvey lacked composure and Rodgers felt he couldn’t trust the raw youngster—especially in big games.

Yes, Shelvey had all the tools to develop into the established Premier League midfielder he is now becoming, but two years ago, he was not going to be able to progress by remaining at Anfield — certainly not at the rate he has been able to at Swansea.

Source Bleacher Report

I have to admit, he has developed into a very fine, soild midfielder and I believe he had to go to become that player, I think his time with Liverpool was very restricted in his given playing time, and he has advanced for the better as a player for taking the plunge and the move to Swansea City and can see a lot more involvement on the international scene for him, providing he can continue like he has been since his move.

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