Summer target for Arsenal claims moves were blocked by club

You always have to question the motive behind a player’s decision to speak publicly and claim his current club had blocked moves for him to move to another team during a transfer window – is he setting the record straight or dropping his club right in it and forcing a move away from them.

Newcastle United’s French midfielder has done just that in which he has claimed that he was blocked by Newcastle from leaving there in the summer transfer window for his ambition of playing for a ‘top four club’ and the chance to play Champions League, and has hinted outright that he will look to play elsewhere in the 2016/17 summer window according to the Evening Standard.

“It could have been a good time to leave.

“There have been discussions (over the summer) with the club, who said they were against my departure, so I stayed.

“I have ambitions, but I will first think about having a good Euro 2016, which I hope to win with France.

“And, at that time, I will have all the time for reflection.

“I am in Newcastle but it is not a “Big Four” club. Look at those who play for France in my position, compared to me, they all play for big clubs,”

Mousa Sissoko is certainly a talent who would have no end of potential clubs vying for his services , and with the French link and Arsene Wenger’s interest in the powerful and skillful midfielder, it would come to no surprise if he were to end up possibly playing at the ‘Emirates’ next season or after and getting his dream of playing for one of Europe’s big elite clubs in the Champions League.


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