Supporters poll confirms that Arsenal fans want Arsene Wenger gone

Over 1000 Arsenal fans have participated in a poll to determine if their boss should stay or leave. The vote was organised to determine if the Frenchman should be given a new contract or not.

The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust which is one of the strongest supporters group for the Gunners, has said that 78% of their members say they would NOT support Arsene Wenger getting a new contract.

That is a remarkable change of heart, when you consider that about 84 percent of the same group of fans wanted the him to stay in 2015.

According to the poll, 86 percent of the fans also believe that the board’s handling of Wenger’s contract situation does not show that they have the club’s best interest at heart.

Wenger seems to care little about the fan’s opinion of him, and is expected to sign a new two year contract with the Gunners.

Wenger is yet to be offered the contract papers, though the club has clarified that they would make a joint decision about the his future with the supporters’ view in mind. However, it is believed that the fan’s outrage will not play a major role in the board’s decision. © 2017 Frontier Theme