The debate on Wayne Rooney continues, is he England’s greatest every striker?

A question that has started to arise over the last few days, is that whether or not Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney is now deemed the greatest striker to pull on an England shirt after breaking the goal scoring record for England that had been held by Bobby Charlton when he retired from the England setup after the 1970 World Cup, and according to the Daily Mirror we should be grateful for Rooney and he should be ‘hailed’ as a hero.

Fifty goals in 107 international appearances; almost exactly the same statistics that Charlton bowed out with after the 1970 World Cup.

Sir Bobby will always have that Jules Rimet medal to show, of course.

But after surpassing him on the international stage he will set his sights on domestic immortality too. For Rooney, remember, is only 16 goals short of Charlton’s club record of 249.

Throw in five Premier League titles, two League Cups, a Champions League and the Club World Cup and it doesn’t seem such a bad return for a player who is still a month away from his 30th birthday.

Source Daily Mirror

Is Wayne Rooney England’s greatest ever striker – in short for me the answer is a resounding ‘no’, for a player who has ‘failed’ to score in every major international tournament so far since making his World Cup and European Championship debuts, he has also been sent off in the World Cup and the European Championships and for me displays no quality to be deemed the finest striker England has ever known, when all his goals have come in qualifiers and friendlies – at least messers Charlton and Linekear scored on the big international scene and stage when required to.


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