The war of words over the failed De Gea summer transfer continues

It would appear that the war of words between Manchester United and Real Madrid’s president Florentina Perez shows little sign of halting, after Real Madrid’s Perez spoke out again in regards to the failed transfer of David De Gea from United to the Spanish powerhouse club right at the end of this summer’s transfer window last week, and Manchester United have responded in kind today.

A spokesman for Manchester United accused Real Madrid of trying to ‘cover’ over their clumsiness over the transfer of De Gea and also responded by saying:

“The facts speak for themselves. The FA are prepared to back our case that documents were in on time; Real seem intent to move the focus away from their own clumsiness this summer.

“We all like to blame others but if you let one slip through your fingers into the back of the net, then ultimately the culpability is yours.”

Perez undoubtedly still seething over the failed deal and subsequent transfer had said last Thursday:

“I don’t want to blame anyone but we don’t really understand whether they needed eight hours to review the contracts or if it was just that they wanted to wait until the last minute to negotiate.

“When they said they would negotiate, I knew that we wouldn’t get it done because I knew about Manchester United’s lack of experience.

“No matter what happens in Madrid, there is always a storm of criticism toward me and it is always the same people.
“I feel like I am being attacked by a lot of people who want to have influence at Real Madrid. Everyone can have an opinion, but they want us to put in the coach that they want, the player that they want.

“I know it is the price for being the president of Real Madrid. For Real Madrid everything is critical. We win 5-0 and people say, ‘Why didn’t Cristiano [Ronaldo] score?’, they talk about his face. Madrid always loses.

“They criticise me because I am the president. In Barcelona people are surprised that the Madrid media treat Madrid this way. The rest of the world doesn’t understand how something so valuable, with this kind of image and this kind of prestige, can be treated this way by the local media”.


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