Three reasons why Chelsea are best placed to win the Premier League

Chelsea impressively beat Manchester City at the Etihad yesterday and now sit proudly at the top of the Premier League and the way they are playing at this time it is hard to see them not being there come the end of the season.

There are three reasons why the Blues are top and why they stand a great chance of still being top in May, below we list those three reasons.

Antonio Conte

He is a world class manager, he learns from his mistakes, he is not too arrogant to think he is never wrong, he identified with immediate effect what went wrong against Arsenal, corrected it straight away and the results are there for all to see. It is hard to think of any other manager in the league that would have reacted in such a way, the man is class through and through.


They may appear shaky on occasions, but against both Man City and Tottenham they should have been a few goals down before they took the lead, but their defence held strong, they withstood attack after attack for extended periods and came through it, that is a sure sign of champions.


Chelsea are ruthless, they provoke, they antagonise, they spoil, they do what they have to do to win games, they are not interested in making friends or gaining plaudits, all they are interested in is winning games, how they win is secondary, they are absolutely ruthless in their determination to win, that is what makes a team champions.

There is obviously more, the improved form of players, formation, even luck, but with any other manager, a weaker defence or a poorer attitude and they would not be top, it is as simple as that.


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