Tim Sherwood not giving up on signing Tottenham mercenary

Tim Sherwood would still sign Emmanuel Adebayor even though the player has already turned down the chance to be reunited with his former manager.

Adebayor utter greed has ruled him out of ever playing for Tottenham again, even refusing a move unless Spurs paid off his contract, meaning he wanted two lots of wages and is happy to play with the youth squad as long as he can collect his £100k a week, but that mercenary attitude has not put Sherwood off, in fact deluded Sherwood actually thinks Adebayor would play for free.

“I would not hesitate if he had the desire to want to come and play football again,” he said. “If we needed something in January, I’d consider it. I would have taken him in a heartbeat [this summer].

“He would have given us a valuable bit of experience and he also knows how to score. He would charge around and cause havoc, on his day he is one of the best I’ve seen.

“I’m disappointed for him because he’s not going to play. He’s too good a talent to not play any football but unfortunately I don’t think there’s any window open for him now. He’s not in it for the money but, genuinely, he wants to play at the top level.

“It’s not financial, it’s easy to say that when you’re on his money but he would genuinely play for nothing. It’s not his fault he’s not part of their plans, it’s not Mauricio’s fault. They’re not compatible but by the look of things there’s nowhere Ade wants to go and play.”

No wonder Sherwood was sacked by Tottenham, if he genuinely believes that Adebayor is not all about the money then he is clearly unfit to manage at the top level.


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