Tottenham facing a player crisis as unhappiness grows

Just when Tottenham thought they had all their players on one page ahead of the new season, they now face a huge fight to keep their best players motivated after a tell it all interview Danny Rose gave this week.

The injured England international was in an offensive mood and condemned his club’s lack of activity in the transfer window and urged them to invest some money on players he would not have to Google to know.

Rose also went on to question the club’s strict wage structure, insisting that he knows what he is worth and would stop at nothing until he gets it. These revelations have not been received well by the club and they have reportedly fined him two weeks wages. However, the damage has already been done, with most Tottenham players now plotting to leave the north London club.

Players like Eric Dier who are in demand in the transfer market this summer have reportedly opened the door on joining Kyle Walker out of the club.

Despite all the raves around him, Dele Ali still earns below the £100,000 mark, a figure he could triple in another club. Rose who signed a new deal last September earns £65,000 and wants to join Manchester United where he can at least double that figure.

It would interesting to see if Tottenham reacts by buying new players or by selling some of the disgruntled stars. © 2017 Frontier Theme