Tottenham offer fans a ‘real incentive’ package ahead of Europa League games

When it comes to the fans, you know that they are the ones the clubs should look after – after all without fans there would be no club to speak of, and Tottenham Hotspurs have ahead of their upcoming group game against Monaco in the Stade Louis II done exactly this, with an offer which would appeal to any Spurs fan, who is looking to travel over the Channel and through France to reach Monaco at a price that wouldn’t look too out of place in the luxury of the hot sun and wealth that attracts the wealthy and celebrities to Southern France.

According to the ‘Daily Mail’, Spurs have offered a limited number of fans the chance to travel to the game in luxury style – albeit that style will come with a nice hefty price to pay for the ‘privilege’ of this.

Tottenham advertise ‘very limited’ VIP package for supporters
The £1,295 price includes flight on private plane and two exclusive dinners
Fans will also get prime seats to watch their team against Monaco
Spurs travel to Monaco in Europa League on October 1

The trip, which includes a flight with the team on the private jet and staying in the same five-star hotel as the players.

Source Daily Mail

Whilst you can say this a nice gesture and touch by the club for these ‘limited fans’, one can’t help but think this is just another con job fleecing even more money from fans who in the Premier League are already paying well over the odds per season to watch, support and follow their respective clubs.


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