Two words for Chelsea will break world record to sign Antoine Griezmann rumour

Apparently Chelsea are contemplating a move for Atletico Madrid striker Antione Griezmann, according to the Sunday Express.


There are a hell of a lot more two word combinations would could use to sum up this particular rumour, but out of common decency we have gone with a nice clean combination.

Why dream on? because he has just signed a five year contract, because his club will not sell, because he has already rejected a chance to move, because if Chelsea really wanted him they would have laid the money down BEFORE he signed a new contract, because Chelsea are happy with their front line and because he is not worth over £100 Million, that is why.

Some will no doubt point to his statement he made previously over Diego Simeone leaving the club and claim that he could leave if Simeone leaves,

“The only doubt would be if Simeone leaves for PSG or wherever,” the Frenchman said

“I called him before extending my contract and he confirmed to me that he was staying. I can learn a lot from him.

But think about it, he spoke with Simeone BEFORE he signed the new contract, what does that tell you? it tells us that Simeone is going absolutely nowhere, no way would Griezmann have signed a new contract if he had any indication that the Argentine was going to leave Atletico.

It is Sunday and I suppose papers need to make sales, but surely they must give us more credit, though, maybe not, we will believe almost anything, I mean, Wilshere to Bournemouth, but that is a another story for another day.


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