Michael Owen has had an injury plagued career and has lost a lot of time because of it. But he has still had a good career and fulfilled the heights that he promised as a kid when he burst into the scene for Liverpool.

However, Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has come out and claimed the Merseyside club over used the star and stopped him from reaching his very top level.

Fergie says the Reds stunted Owen’s technical development by playing him too often as a teen

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Ferguson said: “You can play too much football, particularly young players growing and developing physically.

“That’s exactly what happened with Michael. He would’ve been a far better player if he’d been allowed to improve technically and develop rather than playing all the time.” (The Sun)

For Ferguson to come out and claim that of Liverpool is actually laughable and the only reason that Owen had so many injuries is because his body could not handle the physical demands of English football. The United boss has the right to his opinion, but he should keep it to himself in the future.