Wenger announces world class faces on way to Arsenal

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is adamant they’re no longer a selling club, and is ready to complete some big deals.

The Gunners have sold a number of world class players as of late, but they have slowed that down and actually managed to sign up some big names.

And Wenger cites the example of Alexis Sanchez’s deal from Barcelona as proof.

As quoted on the Sky Sports website, he said: “You never know how much people tell you the truth but at the start when I saw Suarez went to Barcelona I thought that is the obvious deal, one way and the other, the other way.

“So I had not much hope and I was quite surprised that at the time it was possible.

“It is new for us, there are two ways [a transfer can happen]. Before, when we were building the stadium, the big clubs came to buy the players from us, now we are in a position where we can keep our big players.

“But sometimes there are so many big players in the other big, big clubs who are good but do not play.

“So after a year or two you can get a good deal. Sanchez is a case. Pedro is another case, Arjen Robben is another, he was at Real Madrid, let’s not forget.”


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