Wenger confirms new face is on way to Arsenal as £20 million man Emirates bound!

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has revealed he is looking to bring in a new defender this January, with many tipping it to be Real Madrid star Raphael Varane.

Wenger has been heavily criticised by fans for his failiure to adequately strengthen the squad following the club’s recent injury crisis.

Now the Gunners boss has revealed he would try and bring in at least one new player in January.

As quoted on the Daily Star website, he said: “January might be a month where we have mainly nearly everybody back.

“Because Koscielny has not back in the squad, Debuchy will be back I think in two weeks.

“We have gone through a period where we were very short.

But we discovered as well that players have learned the job in the centre-back position like [Nacho] Monreal and he’s doing very well now.

“In January we’ll of course try to get at least one body in.”

It has been reported in the media lately that Varane could be the man heading in, as he is looking for more game time, and is seen as a great long-term investment.


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  1. The problem with Wenger is
    1. He takes too much time to learn the game. His decission to make changes seem to come late
    2. He trusts some players and dissapoint some, and this is detrimental to the squard and team spirit. For instance Arteta dont deserve to be regular. Podolsk and Cambel feels that they are not getting what they deserve
    3. He must learn how to accomodate outside advices rather than taking blind ears.

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