Yet another former Man Utd player has a dig at Louis van Gaal

Seems that it is the done thing for former United players to have a whine about Louis van Gaal and his tactics at Old Trafford. On this occasion it is Dwight Yorke and naturally it is about the playing style that van Gaal has adopted.

“The legacy that Sir Alex has left behind after 26 years has meant we’re used to seeing a certain type of football so you can understand the reaction of certain individuals who have played for the club for a very long time who are entitled to their opinion. Whether Van Gaal agrees with that is another story,” said Yorke.

“I can see why people are voicing their opinion because it’s not how United go about their business and it’s been very hard at times for people to bear. The final straw is the fact we went three games unable to score against lesser teams. The frustrations kick in then.

“You’ve got to take certain risks. Its all well and good having a game-plan where you grind teams down and have the ball so much but the game is about excitement and taking chances. Nobody wants to see that type of football because at the end of the day we’re in the entertainment business. United in the past have been all about being exciting.

No doubt van Gaal will just brush the criticism to one side as he did with Paul Scholes last week.


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