All 32 teams rated after their first World Cup games

The first round of World Cup games has been completed and we’ve rated each team’s performance.

Mexico 9/10

Mexico were given little chance of beating Germany but the truth is they could easily have won by more. Their performance was impressive and well above expectation.

Russia 8/10

You cannot do more than win your opening game 5-0, even if it was against Saudi Arabia. It must also be remembered that Russia had an appalling record coming into this tournament.

Croatia 8/10

Croatia were impressive. They beat Nigeria handily and never looked in danger. They could be dark horses for this tournament.

Japan 8/10

Japan rode their luck but defended well and beat Columbia who were favourites to win. They have given themselves a great chance of making the last 16.

Senegal 8/10

Senegal did much better than expected against Poland and were exciting and enterprising. They took their chances well and defended well. They put a great striker in Robert Lewandowski in their pocket and made Poland look pedestrian. A very good result.

England 7/10

They may have needed a last-minute goal and were not playing one of the world’s best teams but expectations were very low. They showed resilience and fortitude in trying conditions when in the past they would have folded. With clinical finishing the performance would have been much better but overall it was a solid start to the tournament for a team that tends to start slowly.

Portugal 7/10

They really are a one-man team regardless of what their coach may say. Without Ronaldo they would have lost but they do have Ronaldo, and they did not lose, and you have to remember who they played.

Spain 7/10

Spain were unlucky to draw against Portugal. It took a brilliant free kick, a penalty and goalkeeping howler to deny them, but even so, conceding three goals is not the best, is it?

Iran 7/10

They won and it does not matter how they did it. They kept a clean sheet and sit top of their group. What more could they ask for from their first game?

Iceland 7/10

Brilliant draw against Argentina, they played solidly in defence, put Messi in their back pockets and basically made Argentina look one-dimensional.

Serbia 7/10

Should have won by more. They played OK, but lacked imagination and against a top team will get beaten unless they improve. But a win is a win and that is all that matters.

Switzerland 7/10

Switzerland surprised many with their performance against Brazil. They were the underdogs but defended well and it took a majestic Brazilian goal to break their defensive line. However, rather than let it get to them them to remain solid and the truth is they never looked like losing after they equalised.

Sweden 7/10

Sweden were far too negative and blunt in front of the goal but they beat South Korea, and that is all that counts at this stage.

Belgium 7/10

They did win 3-0 and had a great second-half but were very poor in the first-half and did only what was expected of them against very poor opposition.

Uruguay 6/10

They were lucky for sure and Luis Suarez underperformed but they got the win and that is all that matters in the first game. It sets them up beautifully for the rest of their group games.

France 6/10

They may have won but they were poor considering who their opponent was and what was expected of them. They will have to play better against the better teams if they want to have any hope of winning the tournament.

Denmark 6/10

They did win but were not impressive. They were far too negative and will have to show more ambition if they want to go far in this World Cup.

Brazil 5/10

They started off really well and scored a stunner, but then went almost 60 minutes without a shot on target. They just seemed to lack any imagination and could not find a way to break down a very resolute defence. They must do better and probably will.

Colombia 5/10

They were unlucky. They had a man sent off very early, their star man was clearly not fit and only came on as a sub but they did very well to get back into the game after going down to ten men. They finally ran out of steam but will do better going forwards.

Egypt 4/10

They were unlucky to lose to Uruguay and obviously missed Mo Salah. They defended well but a loss is a loss.

Costa Rica 4/10

They lost and did not look like they were going to get anything from the game against Serbia but they did show some signs of positivity and were not beaten out of sight. Chances are they are heading home early.

Morocco 3/10

Morocco were a disappointment. They started brilliantly but just fizzled out and by the end looked a spent force. They may bemoan the timing of the goal but they have only themselves to blame and should have done much better.

Argentina 3/10

The truth is they are lucky to get 3/10. They should have won against Iceland. They took the lead but looked empty after the first goal went in and when you consider the talent on display, how they played was rather shocking.

Peru 3/10

Peru did not play well. They lacked vision and penetration and should have done better against a one-dimensional Denmark. They can and must play better going forward.

Nigeria 3/10

They were outplayed and out-thought. They must do better or will be heading for a very early exit.

Australia 2/10

Australia were poor against an under-performing France. They had almost no attacks and showed zero ambition. They must do better.

South Korea 2/10

They were not good at all. Yes, Sweden defended well but the Koreans never looked like scoring and there were very few positives to take from their loss.

Tunisia 2/10

They were poor. They may have scored a penalty but that was about it when it came to the attack. They had a game plan to frustrate England and get a point. That showed a lack of ambition against one of the so-called weakest England teams to play in a World Cup finals. Remember, this is a team that held Spain and Portugal to draws. They should have done much better and their tactics and attitude were simply poor.

Saudi Arabia 1/10

They were rubbish. There is no getting away from that. They may have been playing the hosts but even so, to lose 5-0 against the worst-ranked European team is not a good look by any standards.

Panama 1/10

They were woeful. There is no room for romantics in the World Cup finals and while their fans were wonderful it would be a surprise if they scored a goal in this tournament, never mind get any points.

Germany 1/10

They were stunningly poor. They simply had no idea how to break down Mexico and had zero imagination or plan B. Their defending at times was woeful and they were lucky to get away with a 1-0 loss.

Poland 1/10

Poland were awful. They only came alive with a few minutes to go but that was far too little far too late. They are a seeded team but never ever looked like one, and the truth is that they thoroughly deserved to lose.


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