Bournemouth hanging on to their most prized asset

Bournemouth are safe for another season in the Premier League, but that will not always be the case if they fail to hang on to their most prized asset.

Bournemouth are a well run club, they have a top sponsor in Mansion, owners of, they have passionate fans and the building blocks to consolidate their Premier League status for years to come, but only if they keep manager Eddie Howe at the helm.

Quality players are of course important, however, the manager is the one person that can take a team above and beyond their true capabilities. Look at Leicester City, their players were considered average before they won the title and the fact that they were 5000/1 was a fair reflection on their title chances, and yet, they won the title, why?

They won it because the manager Claudio Ranieri, knitted together a bunch of mediocre players into a formidable outfit, only a special sort of manager can do that. Without the Italian would Leicester have won the title? Probably not.

Howe will get better, he has gained experience this season, invaluable experience, and if he leaves the Cherries, that experience will leave with him. Bournemouth have to make sure that does not happen.

With Howe in charge Bournemouth can kick on, they can progress from being a relegation side to a mid table side. Players come and players go, there are always gems to be found, but managers like Howe are a rare commodity and that rarity is why he would be such a catch for another club.

It will be in the best interests of the south coast side to furnish Howe with an extensive transfer budget and allow him to promise wages that will entice the sort of quality player that can allow the club to be more competitive than what they currently are.

Do that and it would become even harder for the manager to be lured away by promises of more money and better players. Of course, if a club the size of Arsenal, or even the England job comes calling that would be different, but until such an opening occurs, Bournemouth must do everything within their power to keep Howe happy and content in his current position.