Can the English clubs get anywhere near the Champions League final

There are just three English clubs left in the Champions League following the elimination of Man Utd last December and the general feeling is that the remaining sides will struggle to make an impact on this seasons competition.

Arsenal play Barcelona, Chelsea will have to play Paris St Germain and Man City will face off against Dynamo Kyiv, so it does look daunting for at least two of the three.

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What we are proposing is not whether an English side will win the competition, but will one of them get to the final.

Man City are offered at 6.50 to reach the final, Chelsea are 11.00 and Arsenal 21.00, quite big odds really.

City obviously have the best draw, while Arsenal have the worst, which is reflected in the odds, however Chelsea can beat PSG, if they can get their act together, and Arsenal, while likely to fall at Barcelona, are not totally out of it.

Put it this way, imagine how much those odds will fall if they progress beyond the last 16 and at least one of them should, if not two.


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