Classic excuse from Jose Mourinho over Man United defeat

Jose Mourinho loves a good excuse when one of his teams lose and Saturday was no exception following Man Utd humbling defeat at the hands of Huddersfield Town.

Speaking after the game Mourinho did admit that the best team won, but he could not help himself and also put the loss down to the weather and the incredible wind.

‘When the best team wins, there is nothing to say,’ Mourinho told Sky Sports afterwards. ‘I just want to be as honest and pragmatic as possible and say the best team won. ‘I was not expecting that [performance], but that was the reality of the game.

‘The team that started with emotion, aggression, intensity, desire – the team that was playing the game of their lives – was the team that won, so we didn’t deserve more. ‘Maybe in the second half we were in control, but we played against a team and an incredible wind. ‘If we wanted it a little bit more, probably we could have got a draw, but honestly, I think we deserve the punishment of defeat.’

The Portuguese maestro could have just left it at the best team won, which they did, but he simply had to sneak in the wind comment.

The weather was the same for both sides and played absolutely no part in determining the winner, what did determine the winner was better teamwork, passion, attitude and desire, nothing more, nothing less.

That said, there was a lot of wind swirling around but that was in the press interviews after the game.