Disappointing news for Chelsea fans and it is financial

News has broken today that Chelsea have decided to suspend their plans for a new stadium due to an “unfavourable investment climate”.

The cost has apparently risen to a whopping £1b and the project has been beset with delays, which included a dispute with a family located very close to the stadium.

Chelsea had got planning permission back in January 2017, however the dispute with the local family was only resolved in March this year.

The club has released a statement stating:

“No further pre-construction design and planning work will occur,”

“The club does not have a timeframe set for reconsideration of its decision.”

That is the official version, but there is probably more to this than that simple statement.

It is very coincidental that this decision has come just a few days after it became public knowledge that the club’s owner, Roman Abramovich, has not had his UK visa renewed.

It would not be a surprise if, in the event Abramovich was granted a new visa, that all of a sudden the stadium build was back on, especially as it is an investment visa that the Russian oligarch has applied for.

If Abramovich is not granted a new visa then it will be a worrying time for Chelsea fans. Are the days of a ridiculously rich owner over with?


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