Dutchman admits £24 million man wouldnt of made big Man United move

Robin Van Persie would NEVER have transferred to Manchester United from Arsenal if he knew Sir Alex Ferguson was going to retire.

The Dutchman has laid into David Moyes and revealed it was a huge wrench for RVP to leave Arsenal but he was desperate to win silverware.

As quoted on the Daily Star website, Verheijen said: “Robin isn’t stupid, he knows exactly how late [in his career] it is.

“For years he was at Arsenal winning nothing, and then he made the move to Man United so at least he could win some things in his career because he was already in his late 20s.

“He had a lot of loyalty to Arsenal and it was difficult for him – it was a painful move. Ideally he would have finished his career at Arsenal winning some trophies.

“He knew that was not going to happen, so he had to make that move. He made a painful, but brilliant move. He had a very successful first year, wins the title and then thinks ‘let’s go for the Champions League now’.

“Then, all of a sudden, Ferguson retired, How do you think he felt?

“If he had known that was going to happen he still would have left Arsenal, because staying there would mean zero trophies.

“He would definitely have moved but would have more than likely gone to Barcelona or Bayern Munich.”


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