England player ratings – The dream is finally over for England

England’s fantastic journey in the World Cup is finally over and while the players will rightfully return home heroes they will also know that this was a great opportunity missed.

Overall the players can hold their heads up high. They did far better than expected but, if they are honest with themselves. will know that most of them could have done a better job against Croatia.

Southgate too must take some of the blame for England’s poor performance in the second-half and in extra time. He failed to spot and deal with Modric’s growing influence on the game and could have had him man-marked. Consequently, England were forced on to the back foot and contributed to their own demise by continually passing back to the defence.

Jordan Pickford 7/10

Did as well as can be expected. Cannot be faulted for either of the goals and his reputation has been enhanced throughout the entire tournament.

Kieran Trippier 8/10

Brilliant goal and ran himself into the ground. Was clearly injured towards the end but but had a fine game and was unfortunate to be on the losing side.

Kyle Walker 6/10

Not his best game but he is basically playing out of position and therefore can be forgiven the odd blip. He could have done better going forward however.

John Stones 6/10

Was at fault for the winner but it would be unfair to blame the Man City defender for the defeat.

Harry Maguire 7/10

Another good game. He was always trying to bring the ball out and was overall solid in defence.

Ashley Young 4/10

Had a poor game. He was found wanting more often than not and failed to use his experience sufficiently to help out the younger players. He was caught out of position on a regular basis and probably should have been substituted earlier.

Jordan Henderson 4/10

A poor game for the Liverpool midfielder, he was unable to stamp any authority on it. His passes were wayward and he was clearly tired at the end. The Croatians ruled the midfield and a lot of that was to do with Henderson.

Dele Alli 4/10

A poor game also and truth be told he has not had the best World Cup. He was played out of position but could have, and should have, done better.

Jesse Lingard 4/10

Again, a poor game. He made very few runs, missed a good chance and did not raise his game against the best opposition England have yet faced.

Raheem Sterling 5/10

Another underwhelming game from the Man City forward. He made a lot of runs to nowhere, did not set Kane up at all and generally did nothing more than occasionally frighten the Croatian defenders.

Harry Kane 4/10

Missed a fantastic opportunity to put England 2-0 up. He was either very tired, or injured, and the bitter truth is that the Croatians put him in their pockets and never let him out.


Marcus Rashford 5/10

Did his best but he was surrounded by tired players and never quite had the imagination to do anything on his own to turn the game.

Danny Rose 5/10

The only real positive that can be said about Rose is that he was an upgrade on Young.

Eric Dier 4/10

Sadly was not an upgrade on Henderson which should not have been a difficult task.

Jamie Vardy 4/10

Hardly had time to make a difference and he did not.


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  1. What a crock of an article – rating Sterling a 5 – are you blind. Even the press back home have aknowledged how his impact made Croatia worry. His subbing had a drastic effect on the game and Croatia blew a huge sigh of relief after he had departed, which then allowed them to squeeze the England midfield an take control

    Give up your part time job, you aint any good

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