Five raw and emotional pictures from England v Colombia

England defeated Colombia 4-3 on penalties in last night’s last 16 World Cup clash in a match filled with emotion on both sides.

Pictures do not often catch the raw emotion of a moment but last night photographers did their trade credit with some beautiful shots that fully captured the emotions of a moment in time.

Jordan Henderson consoles James Rodriguez

A forlorn Rodriguez, unable to play due to injury is given a subtle hand of sympathy from England midfielder Jordan Henderson who himself was on the verge of heartbreak.

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Gareth Southgate comforts distraught Colombian players

The England manager knows more than anyone the desolation of losing on penalties and made sure he found the time to comfort Colombian players at their lowest moment.

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Gareth Southgate joy is etched all over his face

This image portrays both the relief and joy of winning. It is apparent in every sinew of the England manager.

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Harry Kane joy at England penalty success

The England captain’s unadulterated joy at winning is shown is all its glory in this beautifully taken picture.

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Captain and Manager embrace

The moment Harry Kane and Gareth Southgate embraced knowing that the dream still has at least four more days to run. This image captures the togetherness of the England team.

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