Former Arsenal star calls for the side to unify

Former Arsenal star Thierry Henry has called for the side to unify, after the bad form of late and their 12 year Premier League drought.

“Arsenal have to remain positive as that is the only thing they can do right now,” Henry said.

“There are still nine games to go.”

“In order for Arsenal to go forward, they have to block all the negativity that is around the club at the moment.”

“I have never heard the crowd at the Emirates react as they did against Watford. It doesn’t help when you play and hear the fans having a go at what you do, or a decision from the bench.”

“I’ve played in stadiums where the fans are not happy and it doesn’t help. If that negativity comes from the stands, it becomes very difficult for anyone, especially when you haven’t won the title for 12 years.”

“Now is the time for everyone to pull in the same direction – players and fans – in order for the team to go all the way. They need to have that togetherness at this crucial time.”

“Arsenal still have a possibility to win the title mathematically. As Wenger has said, you have to hope for the best in this type of situation.”

“If Arsenal don’t win at Goodison Park it will make things very difficult,” Henry added.

“They have a game in hand on Leicester and Spurs, so if they can win at Everton they can apply some pressure.”

“There is also something happening behind them, West Ham are coming and Arsenal still have to go to Upton Park, so they cannot afford to stand still.”

“They lost against Swansea at home, which people didn’t expect, and now they need points. At the end of the season, only then, can we judge the team.”

“Discussing what the team have done wrong throughout the season won’t help the current situation or what lies in front of them. Right now it is about winning the title and that is what everybody wants to see.”


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