Ignore the gossip Jurgen Klopp is not going to Real Madrid

Jurgen Klopp has emerged as the latest manager to be linked with the Real Madrid hot seat, however this is one piece of gossip that can safely be ignored.

For starters, the bookies have not been moved, and they generally know what they are talking about. He is still available at 20/1 and the lowest odds on the Liverpool manager taking over from Zinedine Zidane are a whopping 12/1. Now ask yourself this, would he really be available at those sort of odds if the Express article was anywhere near accurate?

Mauricio Pochettino is, in fact, odds-on with one bookie, though he is as high as 9/1 with another. In other words, they have not got a clue who the favourite really is, but what they do know is that it is not Jurgen Klopp by any stretch of the imagination.

The chances are that even Real Madrid themselves are unsure of who they want. They were taken by surprise by the resignation of Zidane and are scrambling to get their ducks in a row.

Money does speak, and it is of course very possible that the European Champions will offer the likes of Klopp a huge payday, but the German knows he is secure at Liverpool for years to come. He would never be able to say that at Real Madrid, given how they dispense with managers, and who would want to try and follow in Zidane’s footsteps, an almost impossible task?

The bottom line is this: Klopp is going nowhere, whatever the gossip pages are saying this morning.


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