Is Nabil Fekir’s transfer to Liverpool definitely off?

At one point it seemed that Nabil Fekir signing for Liverpool was a done deal and that just the player’s signature was needed. However, doubts over previous knee injuries prompted the Reds to pull out. But is a deal really dead in the water?

Not according to the player’s agent Jean-Pierre Bernes, who had this to say:

“He didn’t sign because um… it is not over! This is not the end of the story.”

Meanwhile, the player himself has reiterated that there is no reason to be concerned:

“My knee is super-good. We work a lot on it, we reinforce it. But I honestly feel like before my injury.”

So, the player and his agent are convinced that his knee is “super-good” and that the deal is not yet dead, however it is difficult to see Jurgen Klopp changing his mind. He has sought expert advice and it has convinced him that it is simply too risky to spend millions on a player who would be costly to insure and with doubts hanging over him.

There are simply too many other options available to Liverpool to look at without taking an unnecessary gamble, and with the World Cup throwing up quality players who could soon be available for less, it is unlikely Klopp will change his mind.

Of course, anything can still happen. Fekir could feature for France and set the world alight, prompting a change of heart. But there are just too many ifs now in this saga and Klopp does not come across as a risk-taker.

Fekir would have been a good addition to Liverpool for sure, but you can be certain that Klopp has drawn up an extensive list of alternatives. There is still some way to go within this transfer window and Klopp is unlikely to waste any more time on a player he no longer has confidence in.

It is a shame for Fekir that this has happened, and it is surprising that it went this far when a history of his knee issues was there for all to see. But it is what it is, and that unfortunately for Fekir, is the end of the road for his Liverpool dream.


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