36-goal hitman comes out and slams Chelsea after being quoted wrong

Chelsea’s new striker Diego Costa has not started life at Stamford Bridge in the right way, as the big man has slammed his new club.

The Brazilian-born-Spaniard gave his first exclusive interview to the official Chelsea website on Wednesday and he was quoted saying that he left Atletico Madrid “because it was easy and to play for a big club like Chelsea.”

However, he has come out and corrected that statement by telling Marca that he was quoted incorrectly by his new club.

He Said: “I’d never disrespect Atletico by saying they weren’t big. I fought hard to make it at Atletico.

“But I’m leaving a big club, Atletico, for another big club, Chelsea. I owe everything to Atletico and I will never forget the fans there,” said Costa.

“Diego Simeone knows that I’d never show him any disrespect. I owe him a lot. The reason I am here at Chelsea is because of Atletico and ‘El Cholo’, who have both taught me so much.

“People have twisted my words. I said that Jose Mourinho is considered by many to be one of the best coaches in the world as so many of his players say so.

“But I have just started working with him and whilst I am excited, I owe so much to Atletico and Simeone. For me they have been the best. Let’s hope it will be as good here with Mou, but it’s still early days yet for me to say that.”


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