Relegation betting analysis and predictions

We are fast approaching the last third of the Premier League season and it looks like it will be one of the closest run title races we have seen in years, but what about the relegation battle.

Well, the bookies are all agreed on one thing, Aston Villa will be relegated and they are probably right in that, but what about the other two spots?

First thing we should say, is make sure you get the best odds and for that you will need to have multiple accounts and it makes sense to see what sports betting offers at are available from the various bookies.

Sunderland do look in trouble, but if there is one manager that can get a side out of relegation, it is Sam Allardyce, though the performance against Tottenham on Saturday will hardly have filled their fans with confidence.

Newcastle look to be progressing and in signing Jonjo Shelvey, they may well have got a player that can help them survive the dog fight at the bottom.

Jonjo Shelvey signing could help Newcastle survive

Very little positives that can be said about Swansea to be honest, they do put in the odd good performance, but they are looking like a team in decline at the moment.

Finally Norwich City, they are very inconsistent, but they do manage to put in a fine performance now and then and they look capable of staying up.

As for Bournemouth, we think they will stay up now,

So, in conclusion, we feel that Aston Villa, Swansea City and Sunderland are the most likely teams to be relegated, with Swansea being our actual prediction in terms of having a bet.


Swansea City @ 2.62 to be relegated.


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