Rodgers to raid giants and land Liverpool brilliantly gifted Spaniard

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is reportedly ready to pounce for Real Madrid youngster Jese Rodriguez, as he appears to be considering his future at the club, according to the SportsDirectNews website

The 21-year-old striker is one of the most highly regarded prospects in Spanish football at the moment, but is well down the pecking order at the giants with some of the games biggest  names ahead of him in the pecking order

And he is concerned that he may have to look elsewhere to play regularly at the top level, which has put the likes of Liverpool on full alert

Rodgers is keen to bring in another striker and knows big names are wanted, but with very few on the market, exciting talents like Rodriguez could be the signings fans get


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  1. Lets hope we can get this kid and like all the other kids that come our way “turn them into men” please also I hope we do not make any more play for the Russian Plonker who would base his status of club by how many bright lights the city has. What a useless twat shows real ambition to want to move to Spurs at this moment and if they are stupid enough to think they have won a player on the merit of what they can offer then there is more than one stupid twat in the deal, and by the way this is not sour grapes from a Scouse Fan, imagine some twat who only a few years ago was eating Beetroot Soup 3 times a day 7 days a week, I must have the social life of London or Boris Don’t Come

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